Andcards is a technology company that makes apps for coworking spaces. Shared office space tenants use their coworking software to get the most out of their workspace.
Goals and challenges
Andcards contacted Efficy as soon as they started implementing their marketing strategy. Their goal was to set themselves apart from competitors and get clear visual communication and brand positioning.

They wanted to get rid of the “startup company” label, which often comes with white and generic vector illustrations, overused by major companies in this industry.
The website
Bold typography, well-considered colors, properly used accents, and photography – all these elements roll out on the intersection of website and user experience and help the brand stand out.

Modular composition served as the base for all design components. We applied the same component-based framework to images. It makes the photos easy to perceive and facilitates the entire design and communication workflow in the long run.
Intuitively designed blog
The blog is one of the main customer touchpoints. That is why it should be always associated with the brand. The modular framework, that we used for creating the website layout, came in handy for designing the blog. It enabled us to implement the intelligent use of space and preserve the visual identity.
Strategy director: Oleksandr Topolnytskyy
Research & Visual strategy: Andriy Lebediev
Brand identity & Concept & design: Mykhailo Kuspys
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